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(Field Sales and Phone Sales)

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 Why Sell Final Expense  Leads Advanced  The Secret Flow  Agent FIELD Sales Presentation
 20 Most Frequent Questions  Appointment Setting  Agent Sales Schedule  Agent PHONE Sales Presentation
 Insurance License 101  Burial Costs  Tie Downs  Sales Script MANUAL
 Contracting, Commissions 101  Customer Warm Up  Close The Sale  Instant Premium Rate Calculator
 Products 101  Identify Customer Need  Referrals  PreQualify Customer Health
 Leads 101  Decision Maker  4-in-1  Customer Objections, Part 1
 Field Sales 101  Customer Benefits  Agent Pitfalls  Customer Objections, Part 2
 Phone Sales 101  Quotes  Inspiring Sales Stories  Customer Objections, Part 3
 Phone Phobia  Application Process  Faith and Successful Sales  Collecting Payment Information


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